Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Bites For Lover's Only BlogTalk Radio - Simply Delicious and Love-a-licious with Chef Andre!

Culinary Seductions and Delicious Secrets for your relationship with the Sensational Chef Andre -
 A Cafe Society, YUM!
Host Candace Chambers-Belida and The Delicious Chef Andre Carthen
Host Candace Chambers-Belida and The Delicious Chef Andre Carthen
PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 13, 2010 – Love Bites For Lover's Only BlogTalk Radio Show, welcomes the Sensational Chef Andre of  A Cafe! He will share some of his delicious tips for sizzling up romance in your relationship, with Radio Host Candace Chambers-Belida on Thursday  12/16/2010 8:00PM (PST).

So who does Kathy Ireland turn to when she needs help in food, entertainment and culture? A Café Society by Chef Andre, is Kathy’s solution! This dynamic brand along with Landscape Designer Nicholas Walker who cultivates Jardin J du J the outdoor living specialist of kiWW are Design Brand Ambassadors who support Kathy in her mission of “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.” ™

When Lifestyle Designer Kathy Ireland saw a need for easy and nutritious home cooking ideas for families, she asked her good friend Chef André to partner with her to bring culinary solutions to families. Together they developed the A Café Society Brand, a place where everyone can learn and communicate about cooking, and entertaining. A Café Society by Chef Andre is about food, fashion and fun! ….and fun means culture and entertainment. A Café Society  “where you always know what’s cooking!”

With Kathy Ireland being CEO and Chief Designer for Kathy Ireland Worldwide, she and Chef André worked to develop products to support this goal.  A Café Society  by Chef Andre products range from Rugs, Furniture, Top of Bed, Accessories, Lighting, Wall Art, Table Top, Jewelry, Skincare, Jewelry and Candles, which have received one of the brands many Good Housekeeping Seals of Approval.

Featured in Kathy’s new book “Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity,” Chef Andre of A Café Society is a powerful solution in the Kathy Ireland Worldwide Collections of brands.  Chef Andre and Landscape Designer Nicholas Walker serve as Kathy Ireland Worldwide Design Ambassadors with appearances on television and radio. Co-hosted an afternoon on “Serves You Right” radio with Steve Valentino, and appeared with Kathy on the popular television program Soap Talk, EXTRA and Inside Hollywood. Chef Andre has also appeared on Sunday Dinner, Access Hollywood, Taste of Southwest w/ Chef Dean Fearing, was invited to be a guest chef at the nation’s largest Father's Day event, Real Men Cook. Along with some of the top chef of the nation Chef Andre participated in the El Paseo Fashion Week Food & Wine Event and the Disney's California Adventure Food & Wine Festival @ Disney's California Adventure® Park

Of his many duties for Kathy Ireland Worldwide his most prestigious would be when asked by Kathy to do an event to honor her dear friend Dame Elizabeth Taylor. It was Chef Andre’s great privilege to work with the family in planning Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s 74th Birthday Celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel and again working with her children to help plan her 75th Diamond Jubilee at the Ritz Carlton / Lake Las Vegas.

Whether it’s down home cooking, quick & easy dinner on the table solutions, entertaining solutions, a “Beyond the Red Carpet” interview with Mariel Hemingway or a special affair you’ll always know what’s cooking with Chef Andre.

For more information on Chef André and the A Café Society Brand, please visit

Show Contact:

@kathyireland the rose between the thorns. Holiday image from... on Twitpic

@kathyireland the rose between the thorns. Holiday image from... on Twitpic

Monday, November 8, 2010

kathy ireland Jewelry Jardin J du J and ACafe Society Collections

“finding solutions for people in love.” ™
 "...finding solutions for families, especially busy moms." ™


Our Jardin JduJ Jewelry collection is inspired by passion and a great love for nature. Our design team searches the most glorious gardens in the world and interprets what we find, into a collection of fine jewelry… designed especially for you. No one should live without the joy of a garden expression. In Jardin JduJ, whose formal English translation from French, is Jardin du Jour, Garden of the Day, life is graced with garden beauty. This wonderful collection brings gardens to your fine jewelry collection that are, unique, powerful and dazzling. You’ll have the gift of nature, from countries around the world with you… at every moment and in every season.

We invite you to experience more of the kathy ireland Jewelry Jardin JduJ Collection exclusively at...

Our ACafe Society Jewelry is inspired by great women of the 18th century, who changed the world by giving. In that era, American women were best able to help people in need by organizing what were then known as Society balls. The funds raised by these café society events, were given to individuals and organizations who needed help. The spirit of that fund raising, sparkles brightly today in every nation on earth. ACafe Society is a global celebration of beauty, fashion and authentic style. ACafe Society Jewelry is the centerpiece of glamour, from our hearts. Our ACafe Society Jewelry is always a celebration! From classic to contemporary, from the South Seas to Africa… ACafe Society Jewelry is the epitome of chic, culture and caring.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delicious Design

kathy ireland Home Cabinetry 

kathy ireland Home by Window World
Unleash Your Personal Style...Want to breathe new life into your home, as Kathy says…"take your home on a vacation?" From the kitchen to the bedroom, you can perform a complete makeover or add just a little spice by updating your kitchen. Changing out elements that range from faucets and hardware to countertops, kitchen lighting and home accessories, we'll share with you how the combination of product, color, style guides, and placement can make a home uniquely yours.
Home Builders:
For home builders, the NEW KITCHEN is more than just a place to prepare food. It's a place that will accommodate preparation, eating, storage, entertaining, surfing the net, family talks, and homework all with the use of classic lines, modern appliances, task lighting and functional design.
Kathy says not to be afraid of a theme (Style Guides), whether it be Architectural/ Modern with its simple, streamlined and more functional than fussy feel, or La Vida Buena/Rustic with its warm, woodsy, and inviting charm. Embrace whatever fits your motif, as well as your family's needs. The kitchen need not be a sterile and clean-lined laboratory space. Enhance your kitchen and home with sizzling, appetizing, rich food colors or dazzling, cool, earth tones from the outdoors.
The New Kitchen is truly about storage and function, with compartmentalized drawers, narrow pull-out cabinets for spices, vegetable bins, deep pull-out pot drawers, pantries and trash & recycling bins. When it comes to countertops and flooring, there are many choices.  Linoleum, wood, tile, granite and even concrete are popular for flooring. Countertops come in a wide variety of choices, from stainless steel, marble, honed stone (which is softer to the touch) to ceramic tiles. And don't forget about the lighting. Adding ambience lighting will make your home warm and inviting, while task lighting is a must for function and safety.
But the #1 design solution should be "Understanding the needs of those who will use the kitchen".  (The family’s needs)
Organization: keep things you frequently use where they are easy to reach.
Built-in ovens, microwaves and storage for small appliances will make your kitchen appear less cluttered.
If there isn't room for any type of pantry, consider converting a closet outside of the kitchen to a storage area for fine china, large pots and infrequently used items.

If you want to instantly transform your kitchen, and don’t have the budget to remodel.

By refacing or replacing your current cabinets, you can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen - without the mess, expense or hassle of a major renovation.
Your choice of cabinet style and color will set the tone for the look of your kitchen.
Make your kitchen kid friendly; rounded soft corners, kid height counters that are easy to clean and scratch resistance.
Solutions for a Custom Look
Vary cabinet height: Lowering cabinet height allows more display area above, while raising it allows more storage area.
Use specialty cabinets: Sections include wine and plate racks and display shelves.
Adding glass and light to enhance and give a custom look and feel.  These options add interest and break up the space of a wall lined with cabinets.
Add appliance panels: Panel inserts made to match existing cabinet fronts can be added to built-in appliances (usually refrigerators and dishwashers).

A Kitchen Island is another way to increase storage and counter space it can also provide addition sitting for meals or entertaining.

For an instant update try installing a fixtures, handles, knobs, faucets, and lighting, you will find that this is a very simple and affordable option that will give your kitchen an extra special touch.

Whether it's just a room, or an entire home makeover, you should seek out what's new in the market place, while keeping some of those classic design elements in mind. This will enable you to develop a personal style all your own.
Elements of color, function and style will blend together to produce a look that is just for you. A lighter color and higher ceilings can make a room seem more airy. Adding French doors will give the sense of bringing the outdoors in. Lots of light and easy access to outdoor living spaces are key elements to the new home.
What's new? Adding bold sensual colors to your home will truly reflect your personal style. From dish towels, pillows, area rugs, art, napkins, window treatments to dishes and bed linens, an accent of color can go a long way. Even that classic toaster and mixer can be brought up to date in a cocoa brown or cherry red. Remember it's not your mama's kitchen anymore.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Flooring Days

For all your flooring solutions please check out kathy ireland Home by

kathy ireland Home by Shawflooring is dedicated to creating beautiful sustainable products. So you get flooring that leaves an impression on guests, not the enviroment.

Make sure you don't miss out on the Fall Flooring Event - Improve My Nest
Shawflooring is giving away area rugs, $500.00 gift cards and more Grand prize is a $5000.oo gift card. Please vist and contact your local Shaw dealer for more details.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lighting the Way

Somethings are so everyday that we never stop to think about them, LIGHTING is one of them.
Unless it’s completely dark, the thought of lighting care never enters our mind. kathy has taught me that safety in the home is one of mom's greatest concerns.

here are some lighting solutions to help keep your home well lit and safe

  • make sure all lights are working properly
  • check cords for frayingcheck plugs for looseness
  • most lamps require space between the shade and light bulb
  • kids like to play make-believe, teach them that covering a lighting fixture could be dangerous
  • with evening lighting: make sure that all pathways are well lit
  • don't handle bulbs with your fingers — use a piece of cloth
  • secure loose cords to the base of floor lamps and table lamps to avoid accidents
  • my personal favorite - make sure your kitchen is well lit. You can’t cook what you can’t see.

chef andre a kathy ireland Worldwide design ambassador
acafe society “...where you always know what’s cooking”

for all your lighting solutions we invite your to please visit our partners @ Pacific Coast

Palace Retreat
Table Lamb

Wondering Vines
Table Lamp

Flowerpot Lantern
Table Lamp

The Village Pendant

Your comments are welcomed on this blog and we invite you to please visit acafe society @ for all your food, family, fun and fashion solutions.