Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lighting the Way

Somethings are so everyday that we never stop to think about them, LIGHTING is one of them.
Unless it’s completely dark, the thought of lighting care never enters our mind. kathy has taught me that safety in the home is one of mom's greatest concerns.

here are some lighting solutions to help keep your home well lit and safe

  • make sure all lights are working properly
  • check cords for frayingcheck plugs for looseness
  • most lamps require space between the shade and light bulb
  • kids like to play make-believe, teach them that covering a lighting fixture could be dangerous
  • with evening lighting: make sure that all pathways are well lit
  • don't handle bulbs with your fingers — use a piece of cloth
  • secure loose cords to the base of floor lamps and table lamps to avoid accidents
  • my personal favorite - make sure your kitchen is well lit. You can’t cook what you can’t see.

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Palace Retreat
Table Lamb

Wondering Vines
Table Lamp

Flowerpot Lantern
Table Lamp

The Village Pendant

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