Monday, November 8, 2010

kathy ireland Jewelry Jardin J du J and ACafe Society Collections

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Our Jardin JduJ Jewelry collection is inspired by passion and a great love for nature. Our design team searches the most glorious gardens in the world and interprets what we find, into a collection of fine jewelry… designed especially for you. No one should live without the joy of a garden expression. In Jardin JduJ, whose formal English translation from French, is Jardin du Jour, Garden of the Day, life is graced with garden beauty. This wonderful collection brings gardens to your fine jewelry collection that are, unique, powerful and dazzling. You’ll have the gift of nature, from countries around the world with you… at every moment and in every season.

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Our ACafe Society Jewelry is inspired by great women of the 18th century, who changed the world by giving. In that era, American women were best able to help people in need by organizing what were then known as Society balls. The funds raised by these cafĂ© society events, were given to individuals and organizations who needed help. The spirit of that fund raising, sparkles brightly today in every nation on earth. ACafe Society is a global celebration of beauty, fashion and authentic style. ACafe Society Jewelry is the centerpiece of glamour, from our hearts. Our ACafe Society Jewelry is always a celebration! From classic to contemporary, from the South Seas to Africa… ACafe Society Jewelry is the epitome of chic, culture and caring.


We invite you to experience more of the kathy ireland Jewelry ACafe Society Collection exclusively at...